1. Introduction

Mercy Education Campus is striving to produce competent balanced personalities empowered by knowledge, skills and attitude.

In the present context, youths in their teenage involve in various types of misbehaviors such as drug addiction, sexual misconduct and addiction to pornography etc. It is believed that these kinds of misbehaviors emerge and spread rapidly in the society mainly because of unsafe home environment, influence of social media and ineffective execution of teaching and learning process in schools. As a result of this pathetic situation immorality and mental and physical hazards grow among youth in an increasing trend. And thereby young generation is found unproductive to the country compared to previous generations. Mercy Education Campus believes that valuable citizens cannot be produced only through   formal education, but through comprehensive and inclusive programs aimed at paving the way for the young generation to lead a decent life.

Therefore, MEC has designed all its programs related to personality development of students in a way that comprises fundamental components of development needed to produce emotionally balanced personalities;

  1. Educational development
  2. Social and Emotional development
  • Physical development
  1. Moral development
  2. Vocational skill Development

To achieve all the above aspects, following three interlinked departments, with reasonable degree of authority and autonomy, are functioning in MEC.

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  1. Department of Formal Education
  2. Department of Moral Education
  3. Department of Professional and Vocational Education


Educational Development

The main outcome expected from educational development is that every student should have enriched with appropriate competencies at each growth stage of their life.Programs for educational development are carried out through the Department of Formal Education which consists of formal schools for boys and girls. The formal school of Mercy Education Campus, which is a bilingual school, has classes from Pre-grade to G.C.E. A/L. However, the medium of instruction for A/L students is Tamil. The school follows the national curriculum and prepares students for local G.C.E. O/L and A/L exams. Streams available for advanced level are Bio science, Physical science, Engineering Technology and Bio-system Technology.

Physical development

Children join pre-school during their crucial stage of growth; early part of childhood and continue their studies of secondary level until later part of adolescence. During the process of child development children should be provided with sufficient, nutritious meals and physical activities. MEC, having understood the importance of fine and gross motor skill development, provides students with nutritious and balanced diet to ensure their physical growth and fitness according to a well-scheduled weekly meal menu. Further, provisions are made available for the students to engage in various types of physical activities such as morning exercise and games (football, volleyball, netball, karate, cricket, badminton etc…).

Social and Emotional development

Several activities are carried out in the school and hostel for students to develop their social and emotional skills and inculcate human values in their minds. Opportunities are provided for them during their hostel and school life to communicate with others in a respectable manner, develop empathy for others, establish and sustain relationships, resolve conflicts, gain confidence and reach goals. Moreover, sessions are held for students to enhance skills and attitude to handle stress and persevere through difficult times in their lives.

Moral development

It is a well-accepted fact that religions play an important role in shaping individuals and societies and function as influential agent in developing character and behavior of human being. With the understanding and belief that all religions preach virtues and righteousness, MEC has adapted teaching religious education and practicing moral activities to its main program. Accordingly, all students and staff meet in the mosque five times daily to perform the obligatory prayers. The staff of MEC plays a role model in this venture. Thus, while increasing closeness with Almighty the Creator the main value of MEC “punctuality” is practiced daily. In addition to these programs, other routine religious activities such as non-obligatory prayers, fasting, recital of Al Quran, morning and evening recitations are carried out with active participation of staff and students on daily and weekly basis.

ThilawathulQuran: This a special activity carried out by the Department of Moral Education where students are trained to recite the Holy Quran complying with Thajweed rules.

Hiflul Quran: “Shafeeh” a special unit under the Department of Moral Education is established and functioning with the guidance of an internationally recognized reciter (Qari) to make provisions to students who are willing to memorize the Holy Quran. The students with the consent of their parents engage in this activity in addition to their formal and moral education.

Vocational Skill Development

Though education and all other facilities are made available proportionately equal for all students, individual talents and performances differ from student to student and this reflects in their examination results as well. Therefore, recognizing individual differences, Mercy Vocational Training Centre, which is a subsidiary of Mercy Education Campus, has been arranged to offer vocational skill development programs as an alternative career path for school leavers who attain relatively lower results in their G.C.E. (O/L) examinations.

Details of courses conducted by Mercy Vocational Training Centre are given in the chart below.

Course Level Duration Medium
Ref. and Air Conditioning NVQ 4 One Year Full time Tamil
Electrical Power NVQ 4 One Year Full time Tamil
Plumbing NVQ 4 One Year Full time Tamil
Auto Mobile NVQ 3 One Year Full time Tamil
Welding NVQ 3 One Year Full time Tamil
Preschool Teacher Training Diploma One Year Part time Tamil


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