The annual Sports Festive of MEC officially started on the 15th of February with games for boys and girls. Consequently, all the games and competitions were held until 18th of February.

On the 19th, all the events for the primary section were completed. A large crowd of parents and visitors witnessed the events of the children. The program which started at 2:30 pm. came to an end by 7:30 pm with the distribution of awards to the winners.

On the 20th all the field and track events for girls of secondary section were completed while the field events for boys also were completed in a separated location. The enthusiasm showed not only by the girls and boys of secondary section but also the teachers were a notable feature of this program.

On the 21st all the events started with the march past of trainees of Mercy Vocational Training Centre MVTC which attracted the attention of the spectators. All the track and field events for boys and girls were completed on the same day.

22nd February was the last day and of the sport festive of 2019 and the final events were ceremonially started with the recital of some verses from the Holy Quran by Master M.I.M.Ashfaq followed by the welcome speech of Head of Formal Education section Mr.M.S.Mahroof. The next amazing event which touched the hearts of almost all the spectators was the Drill Display of our girls. This event was followed by march past of squads from the four houses. The Directors of MEC and Mercy Lanka along with the Project Director of Mercy Lanka, the Secretary of MEC and the HODs of Formal and Moral sections received the salute of the squads. Following this event, the Director of MEC As Sheikh A.Fouzul Rahman delivered a speech during which he thanked everyone contributed to run this meet in a very satisfactory manner. He was very particular in mentioning the contribution and the commitment of all members of the sports committee.

Finally, awards were distributed to the winners and the champions. Accordingly, Ihlas house was a champion of 2019.  The entire program ended with dua prayer.  Click here Photos

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