Tour around MEC

The teachers of Grade 1 arranged a tour around MEC following the instructions given by their HOD Mr.M.S.Mahroof. The objectives of the tour were to know the important positions of MEC and their offices. First the students along with their teachers visited the Director where they were shown how the Director is monitoring the whole MEC from his office through CCTV camera. After that they visited the Moral Section where the HOD As Shk.Abdullah Muneer welcomed those distributing chocolates to all children. They recited some duas there and moved onto the Secretary’s office. The Secretary As Shk.A.C.M.Rameez welcomed those and whole heartedly wished them all a bright future. Following that they visited Mr.A.S.Mahroof, the Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit and the other officers in Department of Administration.

Leaving the General Administrative block the students paid a visit to the Director of Mercy Lanka As Shk. Nasr Hassan who showed them video of the whole of MEC. He also wished the students a very prosperous future. From there all the students went to office of the Formal Education Head Mr.Mahroof where he sang children rhymes along with the children. The children started singing and enjoying the tour. The visited the library and moved to the kitchen where the staff welcomed them and served instantly made soft drink. The students returned from there with full of satisfaction and gathered in the Auditorium where they were shown cartoon shows. The tour ended with this show. The students enjoyed the tour and learnt the names of important positions.

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