Parents left MEC with full of Satisfaction

23rd of July was a busy day for not only the primary students but also their parents. That was the day when our things were exposed in a Grand Kids Fair. Our students were seen in different dresses suitable for their type of business. There were many items in the fair. Fruits, vegetables, food items, stationeries and beverages etc. filled all the stalls. The entire fair premises looked like a very busy market from morning 7:30 am till 1:30 pm. Price lists were displayed. The students were very busy in selling their items and involving transactions. The parents and teachers in-charge of primary grades were busy with helping and guiding their children. The students of secondary grades also were very happy for getting an opportunity to witness how their younger brothers and sisters were doing the business and purchase things they need. On the whole everyone in the premises was looked with smiling faces. It was a very pleasant and historically remarkable day for MEC. At the end of the fair all the parents left MEC thanking the management and the staff and with fullest satisfaction. Click here photos

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