New Admission – 2021

The year 2020 was a special year for entire human being in the world. Unlike other years almost all schools in the island were closed for most days and academic activities were paralyzed due to frequent closure of schools. Even on the days schools were functioning students attended the school with fear of Coved 19. Mercy Education Campus, facing all these challenges conducted zoom classes and posted lessons and worksheets to all students in order maintain its degree of quality.

In addition to these activities, in spite of all these difficulties, tests were conducted to fulfill the demand of parents to select new students. Unlike other years admission tests were conducted on different days for different classes to avoid people gathering in MEC premises and taking all the health measures according to the guidelines given by our area MOH and PHI. Our staff members dedicated themselves and handled all the activities with care wearing masks and glows. The cooperation given by the parents who accompanied their children also was commendable this year.  The management of MEC highly appreciates the dedicated service of the staff members to conduct the exams in a successful manner. Click Here Photos

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