MVTC Courses Accredited

Mercy Vocational Training Centre (MVTC) is conducting vocational training programmes to unemployed youths with the view of producing skilled technicians so that they can rely on their own legs without depending on their parents. The courses conducted are Automobile Technician, Refrigeration &  Air Conditioning, Electrical Power, Plumbing and Welding. All these courses, except Automobile Technician,  are accredited by the Tertiary Vocational Education Commission  coming under the Ministry of Skills Development to award NVQ Level 4 certificate which is equivalent to G.C.E.(Advanced Level) certificate. The Automobile Technician course is also accredited to award NVQ Level 3 which will be upgraded very soon to NVQ Level 4.   The management congratulates the Principal and all staff members of MVTC for their contribution towards obtaining accreditation certificate.


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