MEC Staff was in full swing

The internal audit team of MEC started its auditing of all departments and units last week and the entire staff was working in full swing to earn an excellence report from the team. The principal purpose of the internal auditing was to increase the productivity of the institute with an overall view of providing a better service to the utmost satisfaction of the customers, the students and their parents. The other aim was to appreciate the good work done by the staff and to find areas which need more attention and corrective actions.

The formal school was audited on the 12th March 2019 by the team headed by Mr.A.S.Mahroof, the Head of Monitoring & Evaluation Unit. The school activities were audited from the beginning till the end of the school. The observation made by the team was that MEC is very lucky to have an efficient teaching staff and more fruitful outcomes can be expected if they are properly guided.

On the 13th ,the team audited activities of the Vocational Training Centre. The work plan for the year, teaching sequence and the lesson plan of each and every instructor was deeply scrutinized. The practical notes of trainees also were checked. The delivery method of instructors also was observed. The team found that all necessary documents are being maintained properly. The students and staff were encouraged by the auditing team.

14th was a hard day for the team because it had to look into many sections of the Department of general Administration. All the sections coming under the purview of Department of general Administration were thoroughly checked.  The general opinion of the employees was that this attempt had activated them to complete all the tasks up to date. The innovative activities of the Maintenance Officer Mr. Safras were highly appreciated by the auditing team. The team has found that almost all the employees of MEC are serving with a clear and pure intention contributing to the institute to provide a better service to our future generation.   C m   Click here photos 

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