Felicitation Ceremony

A ceremonial function to felicitate students who obtained outstanding results in the GCE O/L -2018 Examination was held on the 9th day of April 2019. As Sheikh Nasr Hassan, the Director of Mercy Lanka graced the occasion as the Chief Guest on the invitation of As Sheikh A.Fouzur Rahman, the Director of Mercy Education Campus. Other senior officials of Mercy Lanka and Mercy Education Campus also participated in this event. A large crowed of parents with smiling faces also were present.

The following students who obtained ‘A’ passes in all the subjects were honoured by awarding gold medals:

  1. Naja Mohamed
  2. Ahmad Zamry
  3. Fathima Zahra
  4. Fathima Jesla
  5. Fathima Minha

The following students were honoured by awarding silver medals for their excellent results:

  1. Fathima Zahiya
  2. Fathima Areej
  3. Fathima Aska
  4. Mohamed Munshif

The following students were honoured by awarding bronze medals for their very good results:

  1. Fathima Hana
  2. Azlal Mohamed
  3. Rujhan Mohamed
  4. Mohamed Amjad
  5. Mohamed Naseer
  6. Fathima Ilma
  7. Fathima Hafsa
  8. Mohamed Afnan
  9. Fathima Shuraifa
  10. Fathima Safa
  11. Fathima Asma
  12. Fathima Risna

Certificates also were awarded to students who completed the Advance Certificate course in Islamic Studies and Youth Development.

The management whole heartedly congratulated all the students who contributed to uplift the image of MEC among the public.

The management congratulated all the teachers who worked hard with a sense of dedication to produce an excellent result. Prizes were also distributed among the teachers honouring their dedicated service.

The entire event was managed by team headed by Mr.A.S.Mahroof, the Head of Monitoring & Evaluation Unit of MEC. Click here hotos 

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