Capacity Building Program for MEC Staff

A well planed and well organized 4 day program to build up the capacity of MEC staff was held from 14th to 17th October 2019. The first 3 day program was conducted in the conference hall of the MEC and 4th day program was held at Hotel Buddi Samudra in Nikawaratiya. The program was designed to develop the capacity of staff according to their nature of duty. The need for training was well analysed by the Senior Management Committee and different activities were carried out  to cater the needs of teachers teaching school subjects, teachers involved in skill development programs, administrative officers, line managers and Sectional Heads.  The first two days of the program went on till 3:30 pm starting from 8:00 am. The third day program went on till 6:30pm starting from 8:00 am.  During the first day session by the Director of MEC As Shk Fouzul Rahman the commitment of staff members joined prior to 2016 and after 2016 was compared for nearly two hours during which many staff members joined after 2016 were surprised to hear the commitment of staff members especially during the first two years 2010 and 2011. As a result of this session all staff members determined to dedicate themselves to improve the entire system of MEC.

The lecture on the topic ‘Prophet – A Model Teacher’ by Ash Shk Anas Mohamed touched hearts of most of the participants.

On the second day the qualities that the leaders should have at different levels were discussed and listed out. This was printed in a large size and all staff members signed in that to ensure that that document was prepared by themselves and they will follow each and every content mentioned in that document.

The specialty of this program was that the teaching strategies were taught subject wise and activity based learning was promoted with the help of internal and external resource persons. The management was very happy to see the active participation of staff members. Alhamdu Lillah.

To conduct the fourth day program all staff members were taken outside MEC in two buses. The fourth day program started at 8:15 am with recital of some verses from Holy Quran followed by National Anthem and College Anthem. An interesting activity was given to the participants to divide them into five groups each for males and females. The theme for the fourth day program was “Let’s solve our own problems”. The groups were assigned with different problems encountered in the recent past at MEC. A fruitful discussion went on and many creative ideas were proposed by the participants. The most interesting program was that the debate on the topic “The contribution of staff is sufficient to achieve the goals of MEC”. It was an amazing event in which many hidden secrets were brought up.  The panel of judges praised the skills of our staff members in arguing in a logical way. As a result of this debate, the staff members assured that they will work hard to fill our records with much more remarkable achievement.

There were some entertainment programs as well. At the end of the program T shirts were distributed to all male staff members, Abaya materials were distributed to Muslim female staff members and sarees were distributed to the Non Muslim female staff members. At the very end the feedback given by staff members to the management was very encouraging. A very special thing that was observed during these four days was that the punctuality of our staff members. This indicated that their curiosity in learning and re- learning.  About a half a million rupees was invested for this program. The management firmly believes that this million will definitely contribute to produce productive and emotionally balanced citizens to our mother land Sri Lanka.

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