An Excellent Initiative of Kamil Hafis

Kamil Hafis is a moral teacher in-charge of trainees following vocational and technical courses in MEC. These trainees, after their normal classes are over by 2:00 pm, engage in various activities related to their course work and spiritual programmes. As a part of their evening activities to relax their minds, develop skills  and engage them in a useful manner to avoid unnecessary problems Kamil Hafis has  started home gardening in the piece of land around their hostels.  Kamil Hafis who initiated this work is always with the trainees guiding them how to maintain the garden. Now these trainees are aiming to supply vegetables to MEC kitchen at least once in a fortnight. By initiating this project Kamil Hafis had set an example to other employees of MEC to engage students in a useful manner.  Now our trainees are very happy and they do not engage in any other unwanted activities. The beauty of this project is that though Kamil Hafis initiated this the entire staff VTC is extending their full support and cooperating with him to carry out this project in an efficient manner. The management of MEC is highly impressed by the work of VTC trainees under the guidance of Kamil Hafis and the entire staff of VTC.  Congratulations and march forward towards victory  Click here Photos

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