A Great Event of MEC

28th of January 2019 was a historically important day for MEC. A common assembly was held in the college grounds involving formal school students, vocational training students and all the employees of MEC and Mercy Lanka. The programme started with recital of some verses from the Holy Quran, National Anthem and the school song. Mr.M.S.Mahroof, the Head of Formal Education, called upon the Director MEC Ash Sheikh A.Fouzul Rahman (Naleemi) to deliver a speech after his introductory speech. The Director showed the employees, nearly 180 In number and requested the students to realize the amount of work force behind their education. Further, he requested all the employees to work with a sense of dedication for the benefit of the students. This was the first time in the history of MEC to meet all employees and students in one place for the purpose of morning assembly. In this historical event two employees Mr.J.K.Dayaratna and Mr.A.A.Kelum were honoured for their dedicated and sincere service.  Ash Sheikh Nasr Hassan, the Director of Mercy Lanka presented the gift arranged for these two employees. It was announced that common morning assembly will be held hereafter every month.

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