Committees towards Progress

The Board of Management of Mercy Education Complex decided to take a step ahead to develop potential skills and talents of students of MEC. Therefore, the management formed a number of committees to support the students to develop their skills and thus, to achieve their goals. The committees are as follow;


  • Mathematics Development Committee
  • Science Development Committee
  • Tamil Language Development Committee
  • Media & skills Development Committee
  • Committee for Games and Activities
  • Environment Development Committee
  • English Club
  • Welfare Committee
  • Discipline Committee


Each committee comprises certain number of staff and functions of each committee have been clearly stipulated while leaders of the committees have been given proper guidelines to implement their committee plans in an effective manner.

The Management has assured to give them necessary support in execution of their activities relevant to set-targets that had already been identified at a workshop conducted for this purpose earlier this year.

The students will be engaged in various in-door and our-door activities such as sports, literary competitions, cultural activities, educational tour, field trip, back-up classes for weaker students and such other developmental programs.

It is expected through activating the committees that every single students will be taken into consideration to improve their potential skills so as to become self-reliant and self-motivated.

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